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Heart Meditation

shared by Brenda Hollweger

This practice can be used for difficult issues involving family, work, illness, etc. We are not attempting to cure or heal anything ourselves, but are simply allowing the heart's transformative power to work its wisdom for us and the world. It is said that the greatest work of the heart is to hold those we dislike or even hate, in that wise and holy heart center.



This preparatory exercise is done with the attention moving within and through the body in order to arrive at the next physical point. Sit with eyes gently closed, a straight spine, and in a relaxed and comfortable position.

  • With your attention at the crown of your head say inwardly "I AM"

  • Moving your attention slowly forward to the frontal lobes, still in the presence of "I AM" inwardly say the words "THINKING"

  • Move slowly within the body down to the throat area, still in the presence of "I AM" inwardly say "SPEAKING"

  • Move slowly down to the center of the chest in the heart/lung area, still in the presence of "I AM" inwardly say "FEELING"

  • Lastly, slowly move down and center in the solar plexus, so as to ray out into the lower torso and the limbs, still in the 

  • Sense that these centers are enlivened and working in harmony together for a few moments. Then continue with the Heart Hold Exercise.

Heart-Holding Exercise:
This is to be done with no desire to DO anything to impact or cause a result. We are to allow the heart to perform its own natural, compassionate, loving and transformative work in its own time.

Still with eyes closed, visualize a person, animal, plant or anything else you love dearly, seeing yourself in a situation with them. This image/thought will most likely be in your 'mind;s eye' or within the head area. (The head works with the heart, informing and exchanging.) Now allow the image to come to rest within the innermost center of the heart, that vast yet contained area of complete stillness. It is here that transformation can take place, sine it is the nature of the heart to transform not only physically through the cleansing of the blood but also soulfully and spiritually.

  • Allow your image to reside here for several moments, short or long, whatever may happen to it, however it may change or not change.

  • Then, let it go, erase it, give it as a gift to spirit whichever way works for you.

  • In a moment or two open your eyes slowly and gently.

  • Sooner or later, check into how you are with your loved one and notice if any new insights have arisen from the heart's wisdom.

Divine Light Invocation  as taught by Swami Sivananda Radha

shared by Ellie Steveling


Stand firmly. Lengthen the spine. Relax the shoulders, neck, and face. Lightly close the eyes and focus on the space between the eyebrows. Imagine a vast source of brilliant white Light above. Be aware of the breath. Exhale fully.

Inhale deeply, tensing, raising the arms, holding the breath and affirm:


I am created by Divine Light.

I am sustained by Divine Light.

I am protected by Divine Light.

I am surrounded by Divine Light.

I am ever growing into Divine Light.


Relax, slowly lowering the arms and releasing all tension. Use your imagination and see yourself standing in a shower of brilliant, white Light. See the Light showering down all around you and see some of it entering through the top of your head filling you completely to overflowing with brilliant white Light.

Exhale fully. Inhale deeply, tensing with your arms beside you.


I am created by Divine Light.

I am sustained by Divine Light.

I am protected by Divine Light.

I am surrounded by Divine Light.

I am ever growing into Divine Light.


Relax. Concentrate on the warmth of the Light. Feel the warm glow of the Light suffusing your entire being inside as well as out. Acknowledge: every cell of my physical body is filled with Light. Every level of consciousness is illumined with Light. Divine Light penetrates every single cell, every level of consciousness. I am one with the Light. I am a channel for Divine Light.


The Divine Light Invocation is an exercise of will and an act of surrender. Be receptive to the Light and accept that you are a channel for Divine Light.


With deep feelings of gratitude and a desire to share the Light with others, turn your palms forward. Mentally open the doors of your spiritual heart center wide. See and feel the excess Light stream forth creating a clockwise spiral that reaches up to the source of Light above.


See someone you would like to help, someone you are concerned about in the center of the spiral of Light. See that person happy, healthy, whole. See that person wrapped in the Light, filled with the Light, and gently lifted up to the Source of Light above, merging with the Light, becoming one with the Light.


Relax. Bring the palms together at the heart center as a gesture of gratitude for the gift of the Light.



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